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Recession, for the uninitiated, is the decline of the economy. It is a widespread decline in the Gross Domestic Product, employment, and trade, which lasts from 6 months to one year. One of its usual effects is running out of funds because of the high prices of commodity and the increase in unemployment rate. So, if you are running a household, how do you make sure the impact of recession will not be too much to bear for your family? Here are some anti-recession tips that you can find useful during these hard times:

Grow Your Own Fresh Produce.

If you have been relying on the supermarkets for your daily meals, it’s high time to consider growing your own food. What can be better than taking advantage of your green thumb to avoid having to buy fruits and vegetables? If you are renting, growing vegetables and herbs in pots, also known as container gardening, can be useful. Mint, sage, rosemary, basil and thyme are great herbs for container gardening. If you do not have enough time, opt for low maintenance vegetables. Examples of low maintenance vegetables include garlic, onions, turnips, cabbage, leeks and kale. Now if you have a bigger backyard, growing your own fruits can be fruitful (pun not intended). Although this might require longer time since fruit trees can take at least about two years to yield crops. You can also do better in keeping a wide variety of your fruits and vegetables through trading with your neighbor’s grown fruit trees, vegetables and herbs.

Make Your Own Meal.

If you have the time, learning how to bake can be one great way to spend your free time. Aside from saving money, it can also be one fun way to relieve your stress. Fast food restaurants can be very tempting but if you have the skills (or not, since you can learn to cook), then why not prepare your own food from your own grown fruits and vegetables and home-baked bread. If you think your skills are too limited, the Internet offers gazillions of simple recipes that even kids can make. Make your own coffee and you can also brew your own beer if you want.

Improve your grocery shopping habits.

With the right shopping attitude, you can reduce unnecessary cost. You can prevent yourself from succumbing into impulse buying. You can do this by creating a list of items to buy before going to the supermarket. One tip is to not go to the grocery to shop when you are hungry. Yes, hunger causes you to buy items you do not need. Buying all the items you need in one go can help avoid using gas for unnecessary trip and also get rids of temptation. Also, before you unloading your cart, check again which items you can do without. You will be surprised that there are just so many of the items that you picked up that you do not really need.

Cut back on non-essentials.

You like soda? You like steak? But do you like to survive the recession? Then, cut on soda, meat and other non-essentials. You do not have to stop drinking soda or eating meat. But if you will only compute how much you can save without consuming any of these as often as you used to, you will see that it’s enough to tide you over.

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