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A lot of people goes traveling during holidays for a break from work and busy lifestyle. It is a way to improve quality of life as it can take the mind off frustrations in work and life. Some even enjoyed the process of planning itineraries with friends or love ones. As lots of travel agencies, airline companies and hotels goes online, it has become much easier to plan and compare prices for air tickets, hotels/lodging and tour packages.

Listed below are two of the biggest online hotel booking sites that offers a wide range of choices from all over the world. If you are planning any trips, you should check them out and make your dollars worth by getting the most suitable prices for your needs.



Agoda had been very aggressive with their marketing nowadays and their rates are truly very competitive, you should browse through the site if you want to get a good hotel deal!
Just like what they advertise, book Smarter with Agoda! New hotel deals every day around the world!



Booking.com is one of the most established travel booking site in the world. It was more popular in the States and European countries but had started to gain a foothold in the Asia Pacific regions amidst the competition. You can book trips to destinations all around the globe. It is definitely one of the site you must check out when you are planning a trip.


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