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When you are diagnosed with cancer, there must be a lot of questions going through your mind, like what is cancer? What are my options? Can I be cured? Why did I contracted cancer? Why? Why? Why? and the list goes on.

The feeling of anguish, despair and helplessness is understandable. But since you already ganna (got it), there’s really no use lamenting over all these. Your focus should be on how you should face up to cancer, get it treated and out of your life!

If you are deemed incurable by modern medicine, you should think about how you want to live the rest of your life! Giving up all your savings to prolong your life and endure the side effects of cancer treatments, or enjoy your life with all your savings until you die?

But wait! There might be a third option! What if you can identify the cause of your cancer? What if you are willing to change your lifestyle to combat cancer? What if there are other cancer treatment methods available?

Modern cancer treatment methods relies heavily on chemicals or surgery to kill off cancer cells or remove cancerous tissues. These methods, more often than not, also affects healthy cells in the body causing side effects that leads to degraded quality of life for cancer patients. While most early stages of cancers can be cured and quality of life can be improved after enduring all the treatments and side effects, the majority of later stages cancers were not cured and patients tend to pass away with a degraded quality of life after enduring painful treatments and side effects.

If you are diagnosed with advanced stage of cancers, would you want to opt for modern cancer treatments and live with a degraded quality of life for your remaining days or are you willing to try out alternative methods of treatment that are not scientifically proven but are able to maintain a certain level of quality of life for you? Read Cancer Issue for more information on how others fight cancers through alternative cancer treatment methods. Most of them could not afford modern treatment methods or are too advanced in their cancer stages to be cured, and thus are more keen to try out alternative cancer treatment methods. Articles in cancer issue:

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If you want to help create awareness on cancer, you may want to contribute to this Cancer Awareness Campaign.

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