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If you’re new to utilizing email marketing campaign software, you may be a bit confused as to what all those terms mean. Top Ten Reviews Magazine recently published a list of email marketing campaign software definitions that may help you on your way to launching a successful email marketing campaign. Below you will find an excerpt from that list of definitions. This may only be a drop in the bucket compared to what you’ll learn during your email marketing campaign, but they will provide you with a great start:

Feature Set
We ranked the software according to the number of practical features that will help you create and send professional and effective bulk emails.

Email marketing software, like any software, should be easy to install and setup, should come with clear installation directions and not cause errors on your computer.

Ease of Use
We considered how easy the software is to navigate and use to perform the basic functions. A computer novice should feel confident in using the program to send marketing emails.

Email Creation
This criterion ranks the software according to how easy it is to create an email.

We considered the number of valuable reports like email delivery and unsubscribe lists, that the software produces.

The number of emails the standard software will allow you to send at one time.

The number of emails you can send at one time if you buy the professional/enterprise version of the software (if available).

Direct Send Mode
You can use your Domain Name Server instead of your SMTP server to send your emails.

Multi-Threaded Multi-Processor Engine
A system used to speed up your emails so your SMTP server won’t get bogged down because of the large number of emails you’re trying to send.

Auto. Detect Settings The email marketing program will automatically detect a built-in SMTP server and adjust the settings accordingly, so you can get the software setup with as little hassle as possible.

Email Setup Wizard/Tutorial
The product includes a wizard that will help you setup the program with the SMTP/DNS server.

Supports Unicode Characters
You can use Unicode and international characters in the marketing email.

Message Encoding
You can use message encodings in the marketing email.

Supports Images
You can add images to your email campaigns to create attractive visuals in your message.

Supports Background Images
You can import an image into your email and add text over it to create a stylish and impressive email.

Import HTML Pages
You can import a pre-made webpage or HTML email into the program and send it as an email blast.

View Email in Browser (Before Send)
After you create your HTML email, you can view it in an Internet browser so you can see exactly what the email will look like.

Add Unsubscribe Link
You are able to add an unsubscribe link to your email by adding a quick button or by hard coding the link into your email.

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