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Brochures are known as effective medium when it comes to print ads. But do you know that these can also serve well for the

purpose of educating your target market about the things that you want them to know about, say for example, futures trading.

Think about it this way, whatever your end goals are, you will benefit a lot in the process of letting people know a lot of

information about the things that they will also benefit from. Trading is a good example of this. Many people would want to

know more about such if given the chance. So if you want to act as a mentor or you are promoting a book or anything related

to the topic, brochures can help you in spreading the word out about what you want people to know about.

But you have to be careful. Bear the following tips in mind before you head on to your chosen printing company to avail

brochure printing services.

1. The topic may be serious.

But you cannot bore the wits out of your readers. You have to make the material easy for them to grasp and understand. You

can start with the fonts. Choose the types that look easy to read. Start the material with a headline that will summarize the

essence of the article. You have to make this work and effective for people to continue reading the rest of the piece.

The layout must also complement the overall style that you want to implement on your brochure. Use enough graphics so that

people will have time to rest and think about what they have read. But use the ones that are related to the tone of the


You must also be careful with colors. Forget about the loud ones that will distract your readers in the process. As much as

possible, you want them to finish everything in one sitting. You must help them do that. You can also ask for variable data

printing if it is available on the printing company of your choice. This way, there will be more chances that you will be

able to suit the design of your material according to the different preferences of your target market.

2. There are many technical details that you have to include in the piece.

You have to be able to write these in ways that people will understand what you are trying to point out. Everything will be

useless if they will find the brochure too hard to comprehend the instant they browse through your words. You have to use the

jargons that your target market uses. This way, you will help them and they will be able to help you by responding positively

to whatever call to action that you will ask them to perform at the end of it all.

3. Choose the right printing company to process your materials.

Consider this as an investment. The way to win in the game is by choosing the right elements that will constitute towards a

good fight and better results. You have already taken the step of using the brochure for whatever purpose it may serve. Let

it help you more by letting the right provider print your materials.

Futures trading may be a hard concept at first. But with the right material that you will direct to the right people, you are

on your way to achieving the goals that you have set your materials to attain.

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