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There are more and more people looking to make money online. Why? Because more and more people wants to improve their quality of life by working on creating recurring income online and enjoy life with their family thereafter. But there are also more and more con-artists lying around to scam money out of you, so you will need to be aware of the dangers online before burning a bit hole in your pocket.

It is actually quite easy to recognize scams online, but greed always play a part in getting you to ignore all the obvious red flags. Below are some simple guidelines to follow to avoid being scammed.

– The first rule of thumb is, if it sounds too good to be true, IT IS too good to be true!

– Avoid any get rich schemes that you see online! You will only make the seller get rich quick, not yourself!

– If you found something that you think is do-able, search for more information on that product/course/seminar on google. If it’s a scam, you’ll probably see some complains or scam alerts from others who had tried out the program.

So after avoiding all the scams, you need to find real money making ways online. You would need to decide how much time and money you are willing to invest. You have to treat it like a business and spend lots of time and efforts especially in the starting phase. Doesn’t sound attractive? That’s reality! You gotta face it before all those attractive get rich schemes suck you dry of your money!

You’ll probably see a lot of testimonials and stories on how others successfully built online businesses and are enjoying themselves as money keeps rolling it. If you think they are exaggerating or lying, you are wrong! They are really enjoying themselves now! But it’s after years of hard work that they are able to get to where they are now.

So the next question is: Can you do it?

Of course you can! But not after putting in hard work at your end too!

So where can you start? Or how can you start? Check out the below online money making ways and you decide?


Yroo is a new referral program that aims to connect you and others to selected brands and products.

1. How do you get paid?

When you have accumulated enough points, you can get paid according to their points systems below.

Yroo Make Money Online

2. How to accumulate points?

– daily login, you get points for logging in daily.
– Completing tasks, like following brands, following users, favorite products, sharing on social media, etc.
– Referral. When your friends signed up, you get points, when your friend buy something, you get points, etc.

3. How easy is the program?
Not easy, at least in the beginning, but when more and more people signed up through your referral, well, you know the answer! So sign up here now to start the referring process! You won’t want to miss out being the pioneer of this program in your friend’s network!

4. Is Yroo a scam?
Below is Yroo’s scam rating from Scamadvisor, you decide?

Yroo Scam Alert

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