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Reiki is the combination of 2 distinct terms, “rei” and “ki”. “Rei” as a term means divine or spiritual, and “ki” as a term means vital energy. Thus reiki means divine or spiritual vital energy.

The concept of “ki” is vital to the teachings of reiki. “Ki” refers to the universal energy that exists in all forms of life, from the smallest bacteria to the largest galaxies. This is the energy that makes our aura and it is the same energy that makes the Earth rotate.

“Ki” in reiki is similar to the concept of “chi” in the Chinese Qi-Gong, where the “chi” in the body is being used to channel energy within the body.


Reiki Healing

Reiki healing is a relaxation and energy healing method through the practice of reiki. It is often used as complementary healing in addition to traditional healing. Reiki cannot directly diagnose or heal any physical ailment but is capable of bringing healing and balance into a person’s life.

Reiki is recommended to be used for releasing of daily stress and emotional problems, or healing existing physical illnesses. More information on reiki can be found in the Reiki Healing site where some methods of reiki healing and reiki training are being shared.

Reiki healing works to improve your quality of life through healing and balancing your life both mentally and physically. It is a great way to relieve pains or stress for patients suffering from any illness.

Reiki Healing Methods

Reiki Self Healing

Reiki Emotional Healing

Reiki Healing Hands

Reiki Distance Healing

Reiki Healing Music


Reiki Training

Reiki Attunement

Reiki Symbols

Reiki Connection

Channeling Energy

Reiki Diet

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