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In the past, the number of dating websites online was relatively small, and nearly all of them asked for some kind of a fee from their users in order to continue operating. These websites online were earning as much as $50 per person, per month, and they required that new members fill out lengthy questionnaires. The internet has been changing consistently over time, however, and now there are thousands of free dating websites online that do not ask for any money for membership. When it comes to locating the best free dating websites online, here are some pointers for things that you need to put consideration into –


Free dating websites online do not necessarily have to mean that you have no privacy. You can still have your privacy without paying anything for it. You do need to find out if the free dating websites online will sell your information or not. Most do not sell this information but there are still dating services that will take your personal information and pass it on to other parties.


You should take the time to look around different free dating websites online to get a feel for what options are available through each. Determine by looking at options and amenities offered by each of these dating websites online which you think will offer the results that you seek.

Will the profile allow you to designate whether or not you are looking for friendship or for love? Will it allow you to specify your interests, or what you like to do on a date? If specific dating websites online will not allow you to display the info you want to share, why bother?


On any of the free dating sites online that you choose, one of the options that are available should be to block people from contacting you, or filtering them out completely. You should be able to filter out people that are too young for you or too old for you.

If you do not want to talk to a specific person, you should not have to put up with them in these dating websites. The overall experience that each dating service website provides should be good, and the best way to improve the general feeling would be to offering filtering or blocking of this type.

Communication Options

One of the best options for online dating websites is to provide numerous communication options. Sometimes a user just wants to chat with other people rather than looking for Mr. Right or Ms. Right. The site should offer forums, chat rooms, instant messaging, e-mailing and other forms of chatting so that you can connect with other users on the website without necessarily having to be looking for love in the process.

If the dating websites online, you are checking out, don’t have some or all of the above options it may prove worthwhile for you to continue your search.

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