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Expresspath financing is available only on Fannie Mae REO properties. This is a special type of financing that can make getting into the home of your dreams a reality as there is a very low down payment of $500, low interest rates, waived mortgage insurance, and 15 or 30 year terms. Consider going with expresspath financing if you want a REO property.

REO stands for “real estate owned” and it means that it is a property that the bank has foreclosed on. Generally, you will get a better deal on a REO property than you would if it were available from an initial homeowner. This is because the lender is not in the business of owning or managing properties. Therefore, they have an incentive to get the homes off of their books. Expresspath financing was developed specifically to get homes off Fannie Mae’s books.

ExpressPath financing uses a low down payment fee (also known as LDPF), which means the mortgage insurance is not built into the rate. Buyers are able to compare rates from other lenders more easily with LDPF. There is a “MIsubstitute”, which is comparable to traditional mortgage insurance that a buyer would pay.

For owner occupied single family homes, 100 percent of the loan can be financed through expresspath. However, the new homeowner is expected to make a token $500 down payment. The $500 may be used for closing costs.

A property must be “owner occupied ready” to qualify for expresspath financing. That means that no significant repairs must be made in order for the home to be habitable. The NPDC makes the final determination on whether a home is owner occupied ready. The NPDC is authorized to make repairs themselves to make a home owner occupied ready.

You will get a low down payment loan with an interest rate between 0 and 3 percent. Additionally, you can get up to 5 percent back as a seller concession. Expresspath financing is available in 15 and 30 year loan periods.

Investors who can put down 10 percent of the loan are eligible for all of the benefits of Expresspath financing. Investors may receive appraisal waivers, reduced documentation, and all of the PHH Mortgage Guarantees

Additionally, manufactured homes are eligible for expresspath financing if they are coded correctly. The maximum loan to value on a manufactured home is 95 percent. Unlike traditional properties, manufactured homes must be owner occupied to qualify for expresspath financing.

One of the benefits of expresspath financing is that the appraisal is done before the home goes to market. When the buyer goes for financing, approval can be quickly granted based on your own credit and income information and is not dependent on the home’s performance.

Expresspath financing is a quicker way to get into your new home and you can often get a better rate by using the system. When you apply, you get a loan decision (not just pre-qualification) in 30 minutes or less.

If you are looking to buy a new home in today’s market, give expresspath financing a second look.

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