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Being in the real estate business used to mean advertising properties over the radio, on the TV, and even in newspapers. With the Internet your properties can be listed on-line so that your clients can view houses and land before contacting you for a walk through, but what if they’re using a search engine to find the real estate agent for them and your site doesn’t come up? That’s where real estate SEO services come in, with the ability to boost your real estate site to a higher percentile on the search results.

Keyword placement on a site is one of the important factors in getting a search engine to find and use your site as one of their top listings. Linking is another great way to get people to see your real estate site by having people from other websites click on a link to your site. The more people click on those links, the higher you’ll go up in the search results. The content on your site is also very important as once people show up to your site, your content will be what gets them stay.

There’s wrong ways to use keywords and link building and when done improperly, it can actually get your real estate site banned from search engines such as Google. Overuse of keywords can clutter the content of your site and even defeat the purpose of your site by creating a search engine friendly text that has nothing to do with your business. Linking your site from others can also be useless if the site your link is on isn’t anything to do with real estate or on a site that’s for a different location from your business. There are some real estate SEO services who may do their business this way but there are ways to check for reliability.

As with any business transaction, if you’re going to pay money you should be sure to see references or examples of their work and if they can’t be provided to you, move on. Also be wary of providers who have changed the name they go by since it’s very easy for real estate SEO services to develop a bad reputation and just open a new SEO company with a new name. Since you’re hiring the company to help increase your site’s popularity, they should be able to tell you some of the proper keywords and phrases you’ll need. If they’re asking you what you want to use, they’re not fulfilling the duties of their job.

A good service company will want to know about your company so they know what route to take would be best for you and your real estate business. They’ll also have a writer to assist with the search engine optimization, since keyword placement works best when the text is written with keywords rather than keywords thrown into text later on. When you’re satisfied that the real estate SEO services you’re looking into are legit, the sooner you hire them the sooner you’ll see more traffic at your business site.

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