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When people hear the words Orient Express, they will usually think about the past luxury trains, about train travel in the turn of the century and some people will even think about a stout Belgian detective with a big mustache trying to solve a murder mystery on board a train of the same name.

But, did you know that the Orient Express is still operating its luxury line? For 120 glorious years, you will see that this luxury train is still taking people to exotic location across Asia and Europe. Ever since it first departed more than a hundred and twenty years ago, a lot of people, especially railroad enthusiasts, are still booking for travel with the Orient Express.

This particular luxury train dates back to 1883. The initial route ran from Paris to Giurgi via Strasbourg, Vienna, Budapest and Bucharest. The Orient Express continued to run up until May 1977. However, because of aging, this train deteriorated from one of the best luxury trains to just one shabby sleeping compartment and three day cars.

But, thanks to a train enthusiast and an entrepreneur named James B. Sherwood, the Orient Express was saved and returned to its former glory. Shortly after its final run, he bought two of the train’s carriages at an auction in Monte Carlo. On the next few years, he spent millions of dollars just to locate, purchase, and restore some of its vintage sleepers, restaurant cars and sleepers.

On the 25th of May in the year 1982, the Orient Express legend was reborn and has been catering for people who want to experience luxury train travel in the past. Its maiden voyage runs from London to Venice.

Although the Orient Express today runs slower than most of the modern trains available, you will see that there are still quite a lot of people who travels in this train. And, most people pay handsomely in order to experience traveling in the Orient Express.

Today, there are quite a lot of routes that these beautiful vintage trains travel to and can cater to the needs of young and old travelers.

It provides a luxury train travel experience like no other railroad lines available today. It offers railway travel like it did in the past and people continue to become fascinated with the Orient Express. Imagine, in the Orient Express, you will be able to travel to exciting cities, such as Paris, Venice, Prague, Budapest, Vienna, Istanbul, and Rome. In the UK, you will also see British Pullman, Royal Scotsman, and Northern Belle that will be able to offer luxury excursions that can take as short as a day to week long tours throughout the United Kingdom.

But, if you are a bit more of an adventurer and you are looking for traveling at exotic locations through the Orient Express, then it will be able to provide you with travels to Southeast Asia, and even to Machu Picchu in Peru.

So, if you have a lot of free time and you are a railroad enthusiast who wants to experience luxury travel offered nowhere else, then you might want to try traveling by train by taking the Orient Express. Here, you will be able to experience luxury travel at its finest and truly relive the history of luxury train travel.

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