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If you ask, is traveling dangerous? It is quite inherent that in any kind of travel that a person does, danger is always just around the corner yes, traveling entails a lot of risks but there are ways on how to prevent these kinds of unwanted situations just by following simple safety first tips when traveling especially if you’re just a student.

As a student traveling far away from home, you have to consider a lot of precautions like:

• Street crimes may vary in forms but the motive will still be the same. Even if you came from another country and have lived your life in a big city, you will still be startled on how crimes are made in other places.

• If you came from a small town and it will be your first time to enter the big city, keep your faith strong for there are a lot of people living in the biggest cities with the littlest of hearts and frail interest.

• If you’re going to some place where people can’t speak your tongue, you should’ve had even the slightest background of the place’s dialect or language so that you can easily get help.

As you plan your travel, make sure that you are aware of the different travel warnings and not considering the places where Americans are not safe to go. You can also register to the US Embassy of the country where you’re at just in case anything bad will happen, your country will know where to find you.

At the point of traveling alone in a stranger’s place, it’s advisable to stay safe. You can do the following:

• Apply the safety precautions that you have at home. Think of your new place as danger prone times two. But these precautions should not hinder your chances of enjoying your stay. Just avoid walking along dark and empty streets. As much as possible stash your money in places where thieves dare not search. Stay alert at all times.

• If you’re boarding a plane or crossing a boarder, never let yourself carry the items of others even if you know that person very well. You can’t plead “not guilty” if inspectors have proven that what you’re carrying are illegal drugs or explosives.

• Know about the important laws of the place you’re going to. There are certain places where bribery is beginning to become a livelihood for some public officials wherein, to literally go about safely around town, you have to give a bigger amount. In these places, your rights can be very thin.

• Pay attention to your luggage. Never let it out of your sight. There are scenarios that goes “one minute it’s there, the other minute it’s gone. In countries where poverty is their main problem, it would help at least 10 families to live through cold nights with that luggage of yours.

• be very careful when riding trains and taxis. You can easily get lost most especially if the taxi driver doesn’t get what you’re saying. You’ll just go around in circles. Worst, it can cost you so much.

Point is: preparation and knowledge will keep you safe in all your journeys. You can go in a place where you’ll really enjoy every moment that you’re there and in another where you’ll curse all the way out. Tool is, as a student, you must always be aware of the safety first practices when traveling outside your place.

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