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A person’s mane is considered his or her crowing glory. But once a person experience hair loss, this is no longer the case. Majority of the people who are going through this problem cannot help but feel shame once they pass through this certain stage.

Many of them try to conceal it using wigs or many undergo through medical treatments and process such as hair transplants in order to bring back their so-called “crowning glory.” Although it is quite inevitable to feel shame once one experiences hair loss, this should not prevent him or her to lose self-confidence totally.

Hair loss basics

People—regardless of their age, gender or status—can experience hair loss due to several factors. If you are one of those who are experiencing this problem, it is a must that you know the basics of hair loss to give you an idea what to do. Knowing the basics can help you determine the status of your condition, can give you an idea when to seek medical attention, can help you decide which hair loss treatments to use and can even help you prevent it if you are prone to the condition.

One of the misconceptions about hair loss is that age solely causes it. While it is true that age primarily causes it because of the cells that are already giving up, there are other factors that might cause it. These include heredity especially if your family has a long running history of baldness, taking in certain medications for a specific condition and an underlying medical condition that weakens the person overall system such as cancer and other terminal illnesses.

A person who is undernourished can also experience hair loss being he or she is not getting the right nutrients to keep the hair grow healthy. People, who are into switching hairstyles that puts too much pressure on the scalp, may also experience hair loss because the pulling on the hair such as those in braids or dreadlocks can weaken the roots of the hair.

Temporary hair loss can also be caused by too much stress since people don’t have enough time to take care of their mane. It can also be caused by pregnancy since women tend to lose nutrients for themselves for the growing baby inside. Because of these causes, it is inevitable that everyone can be prone to losing their hair.

Aside from the probable causes, the next thing that you should pay attention to is the symptoms. Many people experience the greater effect and burden of hair loss because they did not pay to much attention to it when it was just starting.

Experts say that it is common for people to lose at least 100 strands of their hair everyday. This is because these strands are meant to be replaced by new set of strands over time. People who are losing more than this estimated number of strands should worry that they have greater chances of losing their hair.

People who are losing more than a hundred strands per day should analyze what might cause it. Once the cause is determined, she or he can do some lifestyle changes to improve on it. If these modifications in lifestyle did not work, one should visit a doctor immediately to know what causes this abnormal amount of hair loss. Going to specialist is very important because aside from telling you what the cause of the condition is, the doctor will know what treatment will work for you.

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